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Reduce operational complexity while delivering a better experience for your SMBs.

The AI-powered, human-driven financing solution

Partnering with SmartBiz helps you scale your small business lending operation without staffing up. Our automated platform includes:


Compliant, efficient processing for SBA and term loans.

A pipeline of pre-qualified applicants based on your credit requirements.


Capacity that keeps pace as your volume increases.

A superior, customized lending experience for your small business customers.

AI-assisted tools that help you better manage risk while serving more entrepreneurs.

Built-in coaching to support your customers from application to approval and beyond.

SmartBiz is the market leader in bringing SBA banks online

“We like SmartBiz because offering these loans is incremental to what we were already doing with SBA loans through our retail branches. We were able to cut out 90% of the work, so we're much more efficient than our retail side.”
—Jim Beckwith, Five Star Bank CEO

SmartBiz is the market leader in bringing SBA banks online

“We wanted a new business line that would diversify the bank's revenue sources and asset classes. SmartBiz does an absolutely perfect job matching potential borrowers to the policy we created together.”
—Tyler Heap, TAB Bank Chief Compliance Officer

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We'd be proud to innovate alongside you to equip entrepreneurs with a smarter, more intuitive SBA and term loan experience.

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